EMF Sniffing Hat (2010)

The EMF Sniffing Hat is a science toy which seeks to create a greater awareness of the pervasiveness of EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) radiation in our environments.

The hat itself is whimsical in form and behavior -- it resembles a large-eyed creature with a long snout (containing the EMF sensor), and sings a series of musical beeps whose tone and tempo corresponds to the intensity of EMF in the surrounding area. By employing a humorous aesthetic and interaction, the wearer's relationship with EMF is transformed into one of curious exploration and engagement, rather than fear and apprehension.

The EMF Sniffing Hat was featured in the Toronto Star on Mar 24, 2011.
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Exhibited At:
The Too Cool For School Art & Science Fair (2010)
Harbourfront Centre, Toronto
Technosapien Show (2010)
OCAD University, Toronto

Video of the initial prototype -- exploring the EMF landscape in a house:

EMF Sniffing Hat - Prototype 1 from Ken Leung on Vimeo.

EMF Sniffing Hat at the Art & Science Fair, Harbourfront Center (Toronto) in 2010:

EMF Sniffing Hat featured in the Toronto Star (Mar 24, 2011 issue):